Kick is a rather silly chipmunk, she is a foodie!

1 chicory root, water

Photo by Pixabay on

In fall, after a nice soaking rain, dig up a chicory root. Soak the root in the stream until most of the mud washes off. Scrub till clean. Dry overnight. Gnaw into little pieces. Dry for 3 chipmunk finger widths of sun. Bake in smouldering oven until dark brown, not black (For about 2 chipmunk finger widths of sun)! Place pieces on a big, flat stone and pound with another stone until the pieces are the size of little red ants. Bind a double chipmunk handful in cobweb cloth and place in the kettle. Fill kettle with water and boil for 1/2 a chipmunk width of sun. Yum.

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