Poppa Likes Thoreau

(Poppa Jump is a chipmunk.)

“I would that our ‘people’ felt some awe when they came to thin or let light to some grove…”

House Warming – HD Thoreau

“You don’t have to agree, Kick,” says Poppa. “Just recognize that Izzie’s family does things differently. And that’s good, cause it can help us adjust our views.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“What if I think our way is right?” Kick questions, hands on hips.

“Then think again. And don’t forget to ask questions,” Poppa answers, giving a brief nod.

Kick watches him walk up the path to their door.

“I like to be right,” Kick says, kicking at the dust.

Nut claps Kick on the shoulder, says, “Get used to being wrong, partly right, or just not asking the correct questions.”

“Always?” says Kick, itching her striped head.

“Except for when you flip pancakes. You’ve got that down,” Nut laughs. They climb the path to home.

Photo by Monserrat Soldu00fa on Pexels.com

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retired k teacher, mom

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  1. Thoreau-ly entertaining. And great advice to live by. There are many ways to do things, and they can all be right.


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