Groundhog Rides

“Know by habitation” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nut Jump is a chipmunk.

“Okay, you’re trying to get up mountain, too? Maybe we can work together Groundhog,” I say. I point up mountain. Then I make my fingers walk. The groundhog nods.

“My brother, Jack, broke his leg. Would you carry him?” I point to the groundhog then pantomine sitting. “

“We could put a spear launcher on your back. Jack is a good shot. The rest of us would be ready to fight. Then we could travel safely.”

The groundhog nods again.

“I think you need a name. How about Sebastian?”

“Chit, chit, chirr,” nods Sebastian.

I climb on Sebastian’s back. We walk to the Summer Home.

Photo by Ian Beckley on

“Is this critter for Jack?” Kick asks.

I nod.

“How’s the ride?”

“Kinda rolly, but fun. Meet Sebastian,” I say patting his back.

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retired k teacher, mom

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