Feed the Birds

by Momma Jump [ Momma is a chipmunk]

Photo by Philip Ackermann on Pexels.com

Where had all my chickadee, sparrow, wren, titmouse and other bird friends gone? The ones about seemed cold and thin. So I took some seeds and nuts from the storage tunnels. Then, in a vat, I mixed it with that strange goo, peanut butter, the big people gave us. Spread it on pinecones. I wound yarn about the pine cones’ eaves.

Gathering my family about me, we took the cones to the trees. We dragged them up the bark incline. Out along the branch. Tied them close to another branch so birds could peck the suet off.

The suet cones hung a night and a day before a blue jay found the feast. Then his squawk brought a tumble of songbirds to eat and sing and dance.

Published by ady80braun

retired k teacher, mom

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