Finning Up Stream

By Jack Jump,sr. [Jack is a chipmunk]

TPhoto by cottonbro on

Tess and Jack leapt onto the back of slick, scaled, mighty momma salmon. As they fall they strike with their hooks into her back and gills. They set their clawed toes into her skin. And grabbing air as they can ride her up the slide of mountain brook. She dives and twists and turns and slides. Tess’ foot loosens, then she folds it back again. Jack squeaks by a rock. But, finally, to her birth place the salmon arrives. Jack and Tess shiver, gulp air, hanging on by a finger claw. The mother fish let’s down her eggs, expires after her swim. Tess and Jack gather some eggs and a bit of steak from the mother, too. They pack all away in their satchels. Weary they swim to bank and begin their staggering, careful trot home. Kick has tea ready. Jack jr. has the pan sizzling, soon the salmon steaks are done. And the family, around scrubbed pine table, tuck in to glorious lunch time goodness.

Published by ady80braun

retired k teacher, mom

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