By Izzie Jump (Izzie Jump is a chimpmunk)

Tramp, tramp, tramp / All along our trail/ We look to find this and that/ Good things, soft things/ To stuff into our mats!

Photo by Jaymantri on

Climbing the stem of milk weed Izzie grapples her way to the rhombus shaped pod. It poufs out in middle, and the edges crack open revealing opulent milk weed duff. This is what she wants. Light, ethereal, it will stuff into their comfy mattresses and hold them up in winter. She pushes and pulls and breaks the gray brown pod till it falls to ground. Then reaches for more. Scaling back down Izzie stuffs her grass sack full of the fluff, and trudges back home.

Photo by DapurMelodi on

Izzie then gnaws off the tassels of timothy, gold and light, and stuffs them into her grass satchel.

Then all the beds are made for winter sleeping, soft, fluffy and white. They are filled with comfy insides for cold, snowy nights.

Photo by Ian Beckley on

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