Ruckus is a beaver, this story is told by Linger, a pygmy mouse.

“Come have lunch with me, my dears,” Ruckus grins at his two best friends, Linger and Socks.

Linger rolls her black marble mouse eyes at her huge friend, “We don’t eat wood, Ruckus!”

Socks laughs.

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“I have a nice trout for you,” Ruckus is indignant. “And cress. Grab my tail and let’s go for a ride.”

Linger and Socks grab onto Ruckus’ tail and walk with him into the cold, clear water. Linger’s toes slip on the tiny pebbles under her feet. All three lay on their stomachs, and Ruckus waves his muscular tail up and down. Linger holds tight and wobbles with the flip and flow. She reaches her head up and grabs a gulp of air, and then Ruckus twists below the surface of the water. His tail folds and waves, and Linger flows with his powerful shifts. Worrying that Socks didn’t grab at air before submerging, she turns her head to look at him. He grins at her, and then Ruckus flips his tail again. Linger almost loses her grip. She sees the lodge ahead, and her air is almost gone. Ruckus enters the dark tunnel, then emerges onto the mossy deck. Linger gasps and pulls herself up beside him. Socks surfaces next to her.

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“Whoo, hoo!” he shouts, “that was fun!”

“Thanks for the ride, Ruckus! Let’s get lunch, I’m starving!” grins Linger.

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