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By Momma Tess Jump (Tess is a chipmunk)

Go to the big people’s garden. Wrassle 8 cherry tomatoes off the vine. Roll down hill, across bridge, and up through the grasses to home. Rinse, cut in half, scoop out the innards. Reserve. (Save some seeds for your own garden in spring). Chop some chives, 4 acorn caps of Nut’s cheese, chicory leaves, 2 acorn caps of pre-cooked cattail tuber, a pinch of hickory salt and 2 pinches of wild garlic. Mix with the innards of the tomato and pack (gently) into the shell of the tomatoes. Bake in a sizzly oven till cheese is bubbly and begins to brown on top. Make a salad and invite the crows! (Not all of them).

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When dinner is done go for a ride.

Remember, this is a critter recipe! It is not meant for people or pets!

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