Pere’ Wheeler’s Waterfall Fish Stew

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Pere’ Wheeler is a grandpa chipmunk

Go waterfall fishing(See ‘Travels’ Book II in the Book of Trees Series). Scale and clean fish, save innards (reserve bladder for storage) for net fishing.

Boil head in water with chives, garlic, thyme and desert salt to make fish stock.

Remove head, add carrot chunks, bean chunks, peas and any other handy vegetables. Simmer till just almost losing their crunch.

Cut fish in chipmunk bite sized chunks.

Pere’ likes to brown the fish skin lightly in sunflower oil before placing fish chunks in broth. Boil about eight minutes, remove bones. While fish is boiling Pere’ will sometimes slice onions into fish fry pan. He will fry onions until just a bit browned, to get up all the juices from the pan.

Serve fish soup in acorn bowls with a topping of fried onions. Sourdough bread tastes great with this stew!

Remember, this is a little critter recipe, not meant for humans!

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