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By Tess (Momma Jump (Chipmunk))

3 small cattail tubers, 3 wild chives, chopped, 4 acorn cups Nut’s cheese, 2 acorn cups cream, 1/4 acorn cup sunflower oil, 5 chopped hickory nuts, sourdough bread cut into crumbs, hickory salt, flour

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Scrub and boil cattail tubers until almost tender. Cool, cut in half and scoop out insides to about one width of chipmunk finger. Press out excess water from innards. Reserve.

Saute chives in some of the sunflower oil. Salt. Add innards, saute till slightly brown. Remove. Add more sunflower oil, make a roux, add cream and cheese. Add chive mixture. Mix in hickory nuts. Remove from heat. Mix in 1/2 bread crumbs, spoon into tuber boats. Bake on slate baking sheet in hot but not sizzling oven. Bake until cheese mix begins to bubble. Sprinkle with remaining sourdough crumbs, let toast. Remove and dig in!

Sourdough bread and cheese recipes are on former posts.

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