Kick is a chipmunk.

(With help from Moma Cow *the fun is in the milking! a- lalalalala!)

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1 fresh water craw dad (Crayfish), 1/4 wild onion diced, 1 tiny carrot diced, 4 to 6 fresh peas from pod, 1 bean – diced, 1 wild asparagus – tough bottom discarded and chopped, vegetable broth, 1 walnut bowl of cream, pinch of salt, pinch of thyme, sliver of fresh garlic

Cut crawdad in half lengthwise. Saute craw dad in butter till shell is bright red. Remove. Saute carrots and onion 1/4 width of chipmunk finger of sun. Add vegetables and herbs and salt to broth. Simmer vegies till crisp/tender. Add cream and crawdad. Warm and taste. Adjust seasonings and serve. Remember these recipes are thought up and written down by little critters and are not meant for humans to try!

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retired k teacher, mom

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