Pere’ Wheeler’s Baked Beans

Pere’ Wheeler is a chipmunk!

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1/4 smoked rattler – deboned and chopped, 4 cherry tomatoes, 1 clove garlic, smashed, 14 navy beans soaked in water overnight, 4 wild onions chopped, desert salt to taste, 1/2 hot pepper, chopped

Oil large, clay baking pot. Drain beans, rinse. Place ingredients in pot, stir, salt to taste. Add enough water to cover the beans. Put lid on. Place in outside brick oven. Bake for about three to five hours, adding water as needed, and stirring occasionally. Serve bubbling hot!

Published by ady80braun

retired k teacher, mom

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  1. Dang! This isn’t a real recipe? And I just smoked up a rattler…..
    Keep the poems and recipes coming!


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